Hello, my friends, and Happy Friday! I hope everyone’s New Year is off to a good start. Things have already started to pick up for me. First, I have a new short story, DREAMS, that’s coming out next month in The Octotillo Review published by Kallisto Gaia Press. It’s another one of what I’ve been calling the “Sadie Stories” although when I put this collection out later this year, it’ll have a different name (no spoilers!). Then, for anyone in the Cincinnati area, my play, GEESE, a comedy about the frustrations of having a gaggle of geese in your parking spot, is being produced by The Drama Workshop next weekend, January 20-22, as part of Home Brew Theatre. And finally, I’ve posted another short story from my collection, Three in the Morning and You Don’t Smoke Anymore (Insomnia Edition) on my Medium page called, SHRINK. Check that out, and if you like it, there’s more in the e-book!