Based upon his lighthearted short stories that were first published in The Saturday Evening Post, Peter J. Stavros, with this collection of vignettes, chronicles a year in the lives of the eccentric residents of Birchmont Village as they are faced with one perceived catastrophe and calamity after the other, from the time the Johnsons’ house caught fire – and twice in one day! – to the time Chubz, their beloved cat, went missing, to the scramble to fill the position of Santa on the eve of the annual Christmas parade. This generally social lot must also come to grips with an order to shelter in place and stay six feet apart when threatened by a dreadful virus. Yet, through it all, the neighbors always find a way to join together to help each other.

As Peter describes it, “I wanted to create my own version of Lake Wobegon, with maybe a dash of Mayberry thrown in as well, which, I guess, in some way, was reminiscent of my childhood growing up in small town.”

“Peter J. Stavros has humorously penned the attributes of a group of auspicious neighbors who were kind and compassionate, and no matter the problem, they were able to band together and take quick action to help one another.”

Courtnee Turner Hoyle, Readers’ Favorite

“Peter Stavros has written the kind of calm, amusing, feel-good book that people need in time of crisis. He suggests that, despite their quirks, people are basically cooperative and good-hearted, that life goes on, and that the more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Ruth Latta, Compulsive Reader

“This is a sequence of exercises in stylistic voice.”

T.E. Lyons, LEO Weekly

“If you’re a fan of Mayberry or Lake Wobegon, odds are you’ll enjoy a visit to Birchmont Village as well.”

Big Al’s Books & Pals

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Read a new addition to this collection, “The Time the Potato Festival Finally Returned to Birchmont Village Only to Nearly Be Lost Again,” part of an expanded edition, (Mostly) True Tales From Birchmont Village-The Complete Year, NOW AVAILABLE (just in time for the holidays!), which features five new stories to round out the year with this quirky and eccentric group:
  • The Time Ted Canari Took a Beach Vacation
  • The Time the Potato Festival Finally Returned to Birchmont Village Only to Nearly Be Lost Again
  • The Time the Black Friday Sale at Lilabelle Durham’s Upscale Boutique Got a Little Out of Hand
  • The Time Movie Night Turned Into a Rock Concert
  • The Time the Johnson Family Moved

So make some s’mores and pick up a copy NOW at Amazon, for Kindle Unlimited, or order from your favorite independent bookstore [ISBN: 978-1-7375801-4-0]

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