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One Act Plays

Squirrels – Jim has been with the same company, processing the same reports, for so long that he has lost track of the years. But when budget cuts lead to layoffs, he is forced to come up with a backup plan, even though he never really had a plan to begin with. Jim soon realizes that it’s a dog-eat-dog, or rather, hawk-eat-squirrel environment that he longer wants to be a part of – if he only knew what else to do.

[Comedy, 3M, 1F, 4 Squirrels, approximate run time – 45 minutes]

  • Produced as part of It’s All Just An Act: Three One-Act Plays, Duke Theatre, South Lake Tahoe, CA (June 2018)

Ten Minute Plays

Good Things – When a son visits his father in the hospital to console him after a bad fall, he soon discovers the unintended consequences of this visit when his father helps him to move on from a recent setback of his own.

  • Staged reading as a top five finalist and later produced as part of the Ten Minute Play Festival, Durango Arts Center, Durango, CO (June 2017, October 2017)
  • Produced as part of the 8×10 TheatreFest, Weathervane Playhouse, Akron, OH (July 2017)

Out on a Limb – Two bickering cats realize they must summon the courage to free themselves from a perilous situation.

  • Produced as part of the Kentucky New Play Series, Kentucky State Fair, Louisville, KY (August 2017)

PMA and the Beast – Positive Mental Attitude can be a great thing, but maybe not so helpful when encountering a beast in the woods on an existential camping trip.

  • Produced as part of the Ten-Tucky Festival of Ten Minute Plays, the Bard’s Town Theatre, Louisville, KY (September – October 2018) – Audience Choice Best Play

Squirrels in a Knothole – Three foul-mouthed squirrels critique Corporate America while pondering the meaning of life.

  • Produced as part of the Ten-Tucky Festival of Ten Minute Plays, the Bard’s Town Theatre, Louisville, KY (September 2017)
  • Produced as part of the Festival of Ten, The College at Brockport, State University of New York (February and March 2017) – Audience Choice Winner

Three Sides – A father and son reconnect over food.

  • Produced as part of the 13th Annual One Act Play Festival, Artists’ Exchange, Theatre 82, Cranston, RI (July – August 2018)
  • Produced as part of the One Act Fest, M.T. Pockets Theatre, Morgantown, WV (January 2017)

When I Get to Heaven – A simple home improvement project can lead to a test of faith and reveal deeper concerns, as two old friends discover while sitting in church on a Sunday morning, waiting for the service to start.

  • Staged reading as part of We Love Short Shorts: A Festival of 10-Minute Plays, The Storefront Theatre, Waxhaw, NC (March 2018)