So if you’ve read my short story collection, (Mostly) True Tales From Birchmont Village, and thought how you might need a few more stories about this quirky and eccentric group, well, you’re in luck, because coming November 1, I’m releasing (Mostly) True Tales From Birchmont Village-The Complete Year, with five new stories further chronicling their near catastrophes and calamities. The new stories (and, thus, new perceived problems for these folks) are:

  • The Time Ted Canari Took a Beach Vacation
  • The Time the Potato Festival Finally Returned to Birchmont Village Only to Nearly Be Lost Again
  • The Time the Black Friday Sale at Lilabelle Durham’s Upscale Boutique Got a Little Out of Hand
  • The Time Movie Night Turned Into a Rock Concert
  • The Time the Johnson Family Moved

Pre-order is happening now at Amazon for Kindle, and there will also be a paperback version released on November 1 as well. So make yourself some s’mores, and pick up a copy!