My piece of CNF, “If You Relax, You Will Float to the Surface,” is live now at Memoirist. On the surface (no pun intended) it’s about me struggling to keep my head above the surface of the water when I was swimming across the SF Bay in my first triathlon, but on another level, it can apply to any situation where you feel like you’re sort of flailing, which is really what prompted me to write it. Anyway, enjoy, and stay healthy!


It’s been a while since I published any creative non-fiction but a piece I wrote recently about my attempt some years ago  to swim across the San Francisco Bay will be posted in a few weeks  to Memoirist – a relatively new site that features literary autobiographical writing. Link to follow!


And speaking of Fleas on the Dog (which I was in my last Fiction post) Volume 6 will also feature my play “Three Sides” which has been performed in festivals in Rhode Island and West Virginia but this will be the first time it’s published. Should be out in May – links to follow!


New fiction alert: my short story “Room 310” will be published in Volume 6 of Fleas on the Dog in May. And not to give too much away because this hasn’t been announced yet but this piece will also be included in my first and forthcoming chapbook! More details to come …